Research Guides

These guides provide information on primary and secondary sources held at Lambeth Palace Library, the Church of England Record Centre and elsewhere relating to particular subject areas.


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William Webber, Bishop of Brisbane (1888) (LC 37/20)

Anglican Clergy

A guide to where to find biographical information on Church of England clergymen, and a guide to sources on clerical dress.

Archbishop Matthew Parker (Lambeth Palace Portrait)

Archbishops of Canterbury

Lists of all the Archbishops of Canterbury, and where to find information about them; where Archbishops were educated; specific guides on sources concerning Archbishops Pole and Cranmer; and information about places of confirmation of election of the Archbishops.
St.Michael, Beckenham (ICBS 10060)

Church Administration

Information on the diocese of Canterbury; Archbishop's peculiars; medical licences issued by the Archbishop; visitation records; Lambeth degrees; legal sources; and the Church of England and the First World War.

Archbishop John Whitgift (Lambeth Palace Portrait)

Kings and Queens

Information on sources relating to Henry VIII, Mary I, Elizabeth I , Mary Queen of Scots, and royal coronations.

Archbishop John Moore (Prints X-12)

Family History

Information on genealogical sources held by the Library, and on marriage records.
Bishopthorpe, St.Andrew (ICBS 09977)

Architectural History

A brief guide to the archive and manuscript holdings which are of relevance to the study of architecture.
Coloured plan (of Asketten?) (MS 597, f.304)

British and Irish Local History

Guidance for local historians, including sources widely available and sources held at Lambeth Palace Library relating to individual counties.
Bishopthorpe, St.Andrew (ICBS 09977)

Church Property

Information on sources held at the Church of England Record Centre and Lambeth Palace Library relating to many aspects of the history of church property. Also information on map holdings.
Bishop Arthur Winnington-Ingram (Print XXV-59)

Diocese of London

The Building on History project, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, has produced an online historical guide for researching the history of the Diocese of London.

Education Sources

Information on sources held at the Church of England Record Centre and Lambeth Palace Library relating to many aspects of the history of education.
Lambeth Palace Library in the 19th Century

Lambeth Palace Library

Information on the history of the Library, including further details on sources.
Coat of Arms from Cardinal Pole's Register

Catholic Apostolic Church

Information on this religious movement, originating in England in 1831, and often referred to as Irvingism.