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Library and the Record Centre Closed


Please note that the Library and the Record Centre are now closed until further notice. During this time any correspondence, enquiries or reprographics orders can only be received via email; please send any queries to Please check back for updates. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.



Reader survey

In preparation for opening the new Lambeth Palace Library, we are carrying out a survey to assess satisfaction with our services to readers, and to ascertain how we could improve or expand the services that we offer. The information that we hope to gain from this survey will be invaluable in helping us to identify areas in which we perform well and to address areas where we could improve.  In response to previous surveys we have made significant changes to the services that we offer such as introducing evening opening and self-service photography.

If you use, have used or would like to use the Library or CERC, we would be very grateful if you would complete the survey and send your response and any comments to There is a version for the Library and another for CERC. Deadline for receipt of completed surveys: 15 May 2020. Please note that if you respond by e-mail your e-mail address will not be collected or used for any other purpose.


Friday Closure

Please note that from October 2019 Lambeth Palace Library will be closed on Fridays. This is to give the staff time to prepare the collections for the move to the new library building. Opening hours will be 10am to 5pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 10am to 7.30 pm on Thursday.

Service Disruption 2020.

In the second half of 2020 Lambeth Palace Library and the Church of England Record Centre will be moving to a new building on the Lambeth Palace site. This will mean that the 30th of April 2020 will be the last day that the Lambeth Palace Library reading room will be open and also the last day the Church of England Record Centre reading room will be open before the opening of the new building in early 2021. There might also be a delay in answering some types of enquiries. Information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available. Please check before you travel and contact us at if you have any questions.



Dr Nicholar Fisher: 'Bishop Symon Patrick (1626-1707) - unsung hero of the Restoration Church of England'.

In 2018, Nick Fisher was the first recipient of a Lambeth doctorate after the scheme had been rebranded 'Lambeth Research Degrees in Theology'. His thesis explored the writings and career of Symon Patrick from Rector of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, to Bishop of Ely. This illustrated talk will explore the religious tensions of Charles II's reign and suggest that Patrick's contribution to the national Church has been unjustly neglected.

This event scheduled for Thursday 26 March has now been postponed as the Library is currently closed. For further information please email:


Wednesday 27 May (further details to follow)

Day conference on the seventeenth-century book collector Richard Smith (1590-1675) and his library.
Speakers will include Peter Lake, Jason Peacey, Andrew Foster, Vanessa Harding, David Pearson, Alan Nelson and Kenneth Fincham.

This event scheduled for Wednesday 27 May has now been postponed as the Library is currently closed. For further information please email:


Tuesday 2 June, 5.30pm (admittance not before 5pm)
Professor Alan Nelson (University of California, Berkeley): 'The Books of Henry Bradshawe, nephew of the regicide'.
The name of Henry Bradshawe, and the family seat in Marple, Cheshire, in the seventeenth century, are familiar to bibliographers and to the book trade. According to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, John Bradshawe the regicide, being childless, bequethed 'all my Law Bookes', along with books 'on divinity, history and other books' to his nephew Henry, who maintained the family library until his death in 1698. This traditional account is an extreme simplification of the true story, which must start with the realization that books from the Bradshawe family library carry the ownership signatures of at least four Henry Bradshawes. Books from the library are scattered across the English-speaking world.
In association with the University of London research seminar on the History of Libraries. All are welcome, but those wishing to attend should book a free ticket at, or email not later than Friday 29 May.
Thursday 18 June, 2.30pm (admittance not before 2pm)
Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library, followed by a lecture by Professor Richard Gameson: 'Codex and Colour: the pigments of Lambeth Palace manuscripts'.
One of the most striking aspects of medieval manuscripts is their ravishing colours. Scientific advances mean that it is now possible, using non-invasive techniques, to identify the pigments that were used to produce the illuminations in question. This lecture will report the findings from recent investigations of illuminations in Lambeth Palace Library, explaining the processes that were used, summarising the pigments that were identified, and contextualising them within broader patterns of medieval and renaissance painting.
This meeting, open to Friends of Lambeth Palace Library, will be followed by tea. Friends should book in advance with Melissa Harrison, Lambeth Palace Library, or telephone 020 7898 1400. 

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