Incorporated Church Building Society

The records of the Incorporated Church Building Society (ICBS) comprise the minute books and some 16,000 files relating to applications for grants for the building and restoration of churches thoughout England and Wales, from the foundation of the Society in 1818 until 1982. Applications were made on a standard form which included data on the population and character of the parish, as well as information on the church building.

Catalogue data includes information on the churches, reasons for the grants, and the names of surveyors, architects or other professionals responsible for the buildings, and indicates the existence of plans and photographs. For further information on the ICBS archive and how to use it, click the 'Search Collections' link on the left hand menu.

Also of use is "List of I.C.B.S. grants, 1818-1927" (from The Incorporated Church Building Society annual report for ... 1927).