Churchmen and Societies

Bishop George Bell (Bell 357, f.187)

Bishop George Bell Papers

Correspondence and diaries of George Bell, Bishop of Chichester, which include extensive material on the German churches before and after World War II.
William John Birkbeck

William John Birkbeck Papers

The collection of William John Birkbeck, theologian and scholar concerned with Russian Church history.

Christian Faith Society

Papers of the Society, which was founded in 1691 for the promotion of Christianity overseas.
Morton's Tower, Lambeth Palace, late 18th century

Church Society

Papers of the Society and its predecessor bodies, the Church Association and National Protestant League.

Archbishop John Bird Sumner (Lambeth Palace Portrait)

Church Union

The Union was founded in 1860 with the aim of defending and propagating high church principles.
Merthyr Tydfil Rectory (COMM II-494)

Commonwealth Records

Records of ecclesiastical administration during the Commonwealth period (1649-1660).
Doctors Commons seal 1775 (DC9, 24/01/1775)

Doctors' Commons

An association or college of ecclesiastical lawyers in existence from 1511-1857.
Joachim III, Oecumenical Patriarch (Douglas 78, f.1)

Papers of Canon J.A.Douglas

Papers of Canon J.A.Douglas, Hon General Secretary of the Church of England Council on Foreign Relations.

Community of St Andrew

The Community of St Andrew was founded in 1861 with Elizabeth Ferard as the first deaconess.
Bishop Ellison

Bishop Gerald Ellison Papers

Bishop Ellison was Bishop of London and a highly respected and influential figure in the Church of England.
Bishop Arthur Winnington-Ingram (Print XXV-59)

Fulham Papers (Papers of the Bishops of London) (FP)

Official papers of several Bishops of London, transferred from Fulham Palace.
Abbas and Temple Combe, St.Mary (ICBS 06287)

Incorporated Church Building Society

Papers relating to applications and grants for the building and restoration of churches throughout England and Wales from 1818-1982.

Proposed church at Bisley, Gloucs (Keble 6, f.30)

John Keble Papers

Papers of Revd John Keble and relatives such as Thomas Keble.
The Guard Room, Lambeth Palace (Pugin/Rowlandson print)

Kettlewell Sermons

Copies of sermons, attributed to John Kettlewell (1653-1695).

Lambeth Palace Library in the 19th Century

Library Records

Records of the history of the Library itself.

Lambeth Palace from the River Thames

Lord Wharton’s Charity

Charity founded in 1692 for the purchase of bibles, catechisms and other books for poor children.
Bishop Montefiore

Bishop Hugh Montefiore Papers

The Rt Rev. Hugh Montefiore was born into a prominent Jewish family. He converted to Anglican Christianity whilst at school and became Bishop of Kingston Upon Thames (1970-1978) and Bishop of Birmingham (1978-1987). He wrote many books and was a sometimes controversial, but influential figure.
Mothers' Union sign

Mothers' Union Archive

Central archive of the Mothers' Union, founded in 1876 to promote the sanctity of marriage and Christian family life.

Archbishop Randall Davidson (Lambeth Palace Portrait)

Royal Commission on Ecclesiastical Discipline

Papers of the Commission, which was appointed in 1904 and reported in 1906.

Archbishop Thomas Tenison (Lambeth Palace Portrait)

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG)

Correspondence and papers, mostly relating to the church overseas and the establishment of episcopacy in America.

Archbishop John Moore (Lambeth Palace Portrait)

Society for the Relief of Poor Pious Clergymen

Society instituted in 1788 for the relief of country clergy.

Society of St Francis

Society of St Francis Papers

The SSF is an international Franciscan religious order. It was formed in the 1930s by uniting groups in the Franciscan tradition including the Brotherhood of St Francis of Assisi.
Fr Benson SSJE

Society of St John the Evangelist

Papers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist, an Anglican religious order for men founded in Oxford in 1866.
John Stott

John Stott Papers

Papers relating to the prominent evangelical leader John Stott (1921-2011), rector of All Souls, Langham Place, founder of The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and Langham Partnership International, and prolific author.

The Third Order of St Francis Papers

The Third Order was originally formed in 1930 as the English branch of the Third Order of the Christa Seva Sangha (CSS), a Christian ashram in India, and was under the guidance of Father Algy of the Brotherhood of the Love of Christ at St. Ives and its co-founder Dorothy L. Swayne.