Archbishops' Archives

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer (Lambeth Palace Portrait)

Archbishops' Registers

Records of the Archbishop's administration from 1279 onwards.
Archbishop Charles Longley (Lambeth Palace Portrait)

Archbishops' Papers

The official correspondence and papers of the Archbishop of Canterbury, covering a broad range of subjects.
The Lincoln Judgement

Bishops' Meetings Records

Minutes of meetings of diocesan and suffragan bishops in England and Wales.
(CM 12-9, f.133v)

Carte Antique et Miscellanee

Charters dating from the 12th century, for example relating to archiepiscopal estates and the appointment of officials.
Convocation letters patent assenting to revision of the Canons, 1975

Convocation Records

Papers of the ancient legislative assembly of the province of Canterbury.
Douglas 76 item 2

Council on Foreign Relations

Records of the Council on Foreign Relations, responsible for relations with other Churches from 1933 onwards.
Archbishop Thomas Arundel (Lambeth Palace Portrait)

Court of Arches

Papers of the court of appeal of the Archbishop of Canterbury, dating back to the 13th century.
Faculty Office Marriage Allegation (FM1-248, f.323)

Faculty Office (FO)

The Faculty Office has, since 1533, issued licences and dispensations, such as for holding benefices in plurality and for marriages. 


Bishop Samuel Adjai Crowther (LC 37/95)

Lambeth Conference Papers

Records of the ten-yearly meetings of bishops of the Anglican Communion, first held in 1867.
Papist Broadside

Papal Documents

Papal bulls and rescripts which came to the Library following the dissolution of the monasteries.
Croydon Park, alias Park Hill (TA 69/14)


Records of the administration of the historic estates of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Vicar General (VG)

Papers relating to the ecclesiastical administration of the province, diocese and peculiars of Canterbury.